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Founded by Sophie Lippiatt, A Better Place is an online curated marketplace with strong ethical values at it’s core. The website promotes ‘ethical consumerism’ by providing a range of handpicked, cruelty free, fair trade and hand made goods for all areas of life. I worked in collaboration with Cara Bendon Consultancy to provide Sophie with a consistent and professional brand image that could be applied across the business. The primary users of the website were late 20s to 30s, who value craftsmanship and quality in products, and who enjoy ‘getting back to nature’. We were asked to build a brand, targeted at the ‘conscious consumer’, using strong and earthy visuals and a down-to-earth but inspirational voice. A Better Place places the focus on social responsibility and more environmentally-friendly shopping. We wanted to reflect this sense of the ‘natural’ in the brand design, with the use of floral, produce and landscape imagery and earthy colours that appear in our natural surroundings. Whilst the logo was predominantly to be used online, it was also going to be used in print, in business cards and packaging, so it was important to create a logo that was flexible enough to overlay product images as a watermark, sit on dark and light backgrounds as well as other images. As a result of this requirement, we created ‘Night’ and ‘Day’ versions of the logo as well as black and white watermark logos. A handmade rubber stamp enables low cost and low waste packaging to be used. A range of icons, all with a vintage theme, were created to aid in the navigation of products on the website.


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