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Avocado Social was set up by Alison Battisby, a social media consultant who wanted to provide practical advice to brands and businesses. The company was founded in 2014 and after marking its first birthday, Alison felt she needed to take her branding and website to the next level. Alison approached us to tidy up her logo and establish an identity for her brand. After putting together the mood-board, it was clear that Alison wanted to portray the 'homely' feel of the brand by changing some of the colours and fonts in a more retro-inspired way. She was happy with her logo, so we only made small changes to some of the letters to improve the flow, freshened up the brand green and added a subtle flat shadow to enhance the retro feel. Alison felt the avocado was key in her branding - an avocado is simple and accessible, just like her brand. We therefore created avocado inspired graphics for her, a theme which was used throughout the website and social media platforms. We also designed a series of graphic illustrations, using the colours from the new colour palette, for Alison's website. This ensured the theme of the brand was consistent throughout. The brand colours and fonts we chose represent the friendly, approachable feel to the brand.






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