The Clay Farm Centre

The Clay Farm Centre

Trumpington in South Cambridge has seen rapid growth in the last five years. Housing is in high demand and approximately 3,500 new homes are being built. The multipurpose Clay Farm Centre serves both the existing and new residents with a cafe, library, medical centre, residential apartments and several community spaces, including studios, meeting rooms and an auditorium. I was delighted to be asked by Cambridge City Council to design an energetic and welcoming brand that celebrated the areas diversity and rich history.

The Clay Farm centre is designed to be a versatile space, serving the whole community. Whether it’s yoga for the over 60’s, a mums coffee morning or an appointment at the health centre, there’s something for everyone. The primary logo was combined with icons from the five key services (residential, meeting spaces, library, health centre and cage) to create a suite of logos that reflect the diverse range of facilities.

I designed a collection of icons that represent Trumpington, The Clay Farm Centre and all it offers its residents. Included in the collection are icons that celebrate the history of Cambridge, the values of the centre as well as the services and events that take place there.

These icons stand alone but can also be brought together in a grid to make a vibrant, busy pattern. I used the colourful pattern in the design of promotional posters as well as to brand the ends of the library bookshelves.

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