PandaCare branding




PandaCare branding



PandaCare is a small and diverse group of health research consultants with a desire to change the lives of people for the better, working with community groups and government organisations. They help stakeholders use scientific evidence and a systematic process to define, develop and implement their work to improve the health of the public and have developed an innovative approach that is focused on supporting client goals. The PandaCare team are all academically trained researchers. However, unlike some scientists they view the World as their laboratory. They believe their methods and tools should be rigorous, but not rigid – being flexible enough to adapt to each clients needs, without compromising confidence in the results. Their client-base is wide and varied; ranging from high level academics to programme implementers who might organise healthy eating workshops with children. In order to reflect their refreshingly approachable way of working, it was essential that their brand was professional and playful – not rigid and corporate. We worked hard to tell the story of how PandaCare work, through a series of illustrations, which were then used to build a one-page website.



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